Miniature Black Rack for GoatGun Models
*Updated 10 Slot Rack!

Time to declutter that office desk and get rid of those display stands.  Add your collection of GoatGun models to this wooden rack for an amazing looking display.  This is the newly updated May 2023 10 slot rack!  Improved design now compatible with wider range of GoatGun models!

  • 10 slots for GoatGun models
  • 11" Height x 13.5" Length x 2" Width
  • 1lb 4oz
  • Easy assembly!  Parts snap together, assemble in 1 minute. 
  • Hard acrylic plastic 

*Does not fit models:  1911, Bullpup or TSMG due to their short sizes.  GoatGun models not included.

    GoatGuns Die-Cast Metal Miniature - Mini Black Rack

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