Miniature M1 Garand Model

Nicknamed "PATTON" | 1:3 Scale World War 2 Model

General Patton named the M1 Garand the 'Greatest battle implement ever devised".  Blow the dust off your hands before picking up this piece of history. In the short history of GoatGuns, making this has been an act of love and patience.  We began work in early 2019 with an expected finish date of late 2020.  Sarge is proud to get the historic M1 Garand after 3 long meticulous years. 


  • Real leather sling (and assembly significance)
  • Clip with 8 dummy rounds included
  • Ejectable clip! 
  • 100% diecast metal with wood grain finish
  • Butt stock plate opens/closes
  • Sight adjusts up and down with turn of knob
  • 13" Length 2" Height
  • Operating rod (bolt) pulls back
  • Non-cycling
            GoatGuns Die-Cast Metal Miniature - Mini M1 Garand

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