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Product Description

Tonkatsu is a greasy and oily accident. He is only 1% meat and 99% ambition The Tonkatsu character of Sumikko Gurashi comes from the crumbs leftover from a tonkatsu meal and only his pink nose is 1% meat. He loves to hide behind the soy sauce bottle on the table.

There’s no doubt that every kid loves stuffed toys! This is why we have this cute stuffed Sumikko Gurashi character for you! Kids need to talk with someone, especially from 3 years and older when human brain begins to grow faster. To help build language, interaction and imagination, buy him or her a lovely plush toy, which they can talk, sing or laugh with. Sumikko Gurashi’s soft plush characters are just of these. These plush characters are authentic license product by SanX and each one comes with an authenticity sticker on it, so you’re sure to receive only authentic product from us. Each plush is constructed from premium materials for unparalleled softness, hugability and durability. This plush is perfect to be used for cuddling due to its supersoft plush and huggable body.

Best choice as a gift for kids

Sumikko Gurashi plushes are made of super soft fabric material. With just one sight, a kid will fall in love with them. So, if you have a child, or you are going to give a gift to your baby or your friends’ kid, these Sumikko Gurashi characters are definitely among the best choices.

Soft and safe for a sweet sleeping

Never think of Sumikko Gurashi plush as just a toy it’s a pillow too! With super soft PP cotton filling, your child can sleep safely and comfortably on it. They can also take it anywhere and have a sweet sleep whenever they want to.

The Story

Sumikko Gurashi is an adorable character line by SanX, the Masters of Kawaii, featuring cute, shy little creatures who like to stay huddled up in a corner. “Sumikko” means corner, and “Gurashi” means life, or way of living. Sumikko Gurashi translates literally to “living in a corner.” “Sumikko” also contains a play on words, as the word “ko” can mean “child” or “little one.” That’s why the Sumikko Gurashi characters are also sometimes referred to as “Sumikkos”, or little ones, who like to be in corners and outoftheway spaces.

Japanese people love corners they want to be sure to get the corner seats when they ride trains and when they go to surrounding cafes. The Sumikko Gurashi characters appear with this as a theme, they are corner loving animals. The always cold Shirokuma (White Bear), confidence lacking Pengin? (yes, he puts a question mark after his name), leftover food like Tonkatsu(Pork cutlet and Ebi furai no shippo (Fried Shrimp tai), and other characters appear as a wee bit negative, but each one has their own great individual personalities.

Just released by SanX, Sumikko Gurashi is a new character line and touches upon how shy Japanese people can be. It’s a little negative and points out that Japanese people like to hide in corners since they are usually extremely shy. Sitting in the corner of a cafe or on the train makes them feel relaxed. So all of our new character friends have some issue in their personality which makes them like hiding in the corner.

If you like to be in the corner or prefer outoftheway spots, how would you like to join in and become friends with the Sumikko gang, too?

Sumikko Gurashi - Tonkatsu Pork Cutlet Plush Animal 4"
899 1299

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