Load and fire fast with the Rukkus ICS-8 blaster! This Nerf N-Strike Elite blaster features an 8-dart clip that automatically indexes to the next dart. The clip stays attached to the blaster, making it fast and easy to reload, so that players can insert more darts without removing the clip. Load 8 darts into the front of the indexing clip, pump to prime, and pull the trigger to fire. With less time needed to reload, there's more time to play, so blast into action and raise a ruckus on the field! This blue and orange blaster includes 8 Elite darts designed for distance. 

Rukkus ICS-8 blaster features an 8-dart indexing clip 
Includes 8 Nerf Elite darts designed for distance 
Pump-to-fire 8 darts in a row before reloading 
Darts load easily into the front of the indexing clip 

Includes: blaster with attached indexing clip and 8 darts.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rukkus ICS-8

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